What is the impact of terrorist attacks on travel?

There are huge economic ramifications to terrorist attacks. Damage to infrastructure, cost to human life, medical bills, and other direct effects of terrorist attacks are actually not the most economically damaging to most countries. While the direct effects of terrorism are horrifying, the monetary damage comes in the form of increased surveillance and security costs and lose of tourism. Those who are worried about terrorism disrupting their travel plans should look into terrorism travel insurance.

Travel Insurance

When you are planning on getting away for a short break or a long vacation, one aspect to your trip that you should pay some careful attention to is travel insurance, and whilst is may seem an added cost that you could do without paying, if you ever need to use and claim on that insurance policy you will be glad you took it out.

With that in mind we have put together the following guide that will give you some ideas of the type of travel insurance that you should be looking to take out, and have highlighted a range of different things that you should ensure your travel insurance covers you for.

Whilst you are always free to shop around for the lowest prices travel insurance, many of those low cost policies do not cover you for every eventuality, and which that in mind you do need to ensure you and any members of your policy are fully covered, if not you could be faced with some huge bills when you return home.

So please use this guide as a checklist to ensure you are always fully covered when you go away for any amount of time.

Cancellation – There can be a whole host of different reasons why you may need to cancel your holiday and as such you should ensure that at the same time that you book your holiday that you have adequate cancellation cover on your policy.

By doing so from that moment onwards if you do have to cancel your holiday for any reason then you will not lose out financially as your insurance will pay you back the cost of your holiday.

Travel Disruption – Plenty of people have had their holidays delayed for lots of different reasons which can include getting to and from the airport or problems when they arrive at their destination, and as such with that in mind you should also ensure you travel insurance does have cover attached to it for any type of travel insurance too.

Medical Cover – The cost of getting medical attention overseas can and is very expensive and as such that is one part of your holiday or trip away that you should never leave to chance.

Make sure that every single person in the group you are travelling with has adequate travel insurance which gives them a large amount of medical expenses cover, for if anything does happen to anyone you will not be worrying about those medical costs which could be in the millions of pounds’ regions in the event of serious accident or illness!

Lost or Stolen Items – Always make sure that everything you are taking away with you on holiday is fully insured, that will include all legal documents such as passports and driving licenses, your cash and any valuable items that you have chosen to take with you.

It will also be best for you to make a note of everything you do take with you and have receipts and pictures of those items at home too, just in case you do need to make a claim.

Dangerous Sports Cover – Finally if you are planning doing anything out of the unusual on your holiday then make sure you have adequate cover on your travel insurance policy, things to look out for are any restrictions in regards to dangerous sports for usually when you part take in anything classed as a dangerous sport you will not be insured.

So if you or anyone in your party is planning on doing any type of sporting activities when abroad or away on their trip make sure you have told the insurance company and have full cover for those sports.


Lost Cost International Air Travel

When you are planning your annual holiday away you may be thinking of travailing from the UK to somewhere far away, and top of many people’s lists of places to visit is the USA, however with the cost of plane tickets to the US from the UK being so high, you will have to set aside some huge amounts of cash for just the flights alone.

However, what many people do not know is that there are some massive savings to be made if you become something of a savvy traveller, for there are some countries in Europe that do not charge any type of Air Passenger Tax Duty which for reference the UK does.

Take for example when you want to visit Las Vegas, the cost of a round trip leaving from the UK at airports such as Heathrow or Manchester or Glasgow can be several hundred Pounds which will put a serious dint in your travel budget and that will only be on you getting there and back, for there will also be hotel costs and all of your other expenditure on your holiday to take into account.

If you instead of flying direct to Vegas from any of those airports or in fact any airport in the UK you choose to fly from another European country that does not charge Air Passenger Tax Duty or has a much lower form of taxation international travel then there are some huge savings to be made.

We recently visited Las Vegas and found that by leaving from Copenhagen in Denmark the cost of a direct flight form that airport was a very tempting £100 each way, a very similar price was charged if we had chosen to fly from Arlanda airport over in Sweden.

The airline we opted to fly on was Norwegian who offers direct flights on one of their brand new Dreamliner aircraft to Vegas and several other airports in the US for a fraction of the cost of travelling from the UK.

We did travel in December and it will of course be the time of the year when you can travel that will have a bearing on the actual cost you will pay for the airfare. However, getting to and from places such as Arlanda airport or Copenhagen airport is tiny, much more so if you travel with airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet.

One thing to keep in mind when you do travel with any low prices airlines such as Norwegian, Ryanair or EasyJet is that if you are prepared to take hand luggage only then they are not going to charge you any additional fees and charges for taking additional items of luggage which can of course ramp up the cost of your tickets.

So if you have your heart and mind set of visiting America for example then always choose to fly form a country that has no Air Passenger Tax Duty or charges a much lower amount as the savings can and will be hundreds of Ponds per person per round trip.

Also do be flexible with the amount of time you are away, for it instead of staying for exactly 7 days you may find it is possible to leave from somewhere like Copenhagen but then return to Arlanda airport and there may be some additional savings too.

You will of course find that when you do discover a very low cost ticket they do tend to get snapped up quite quickly by other passengers so the earlier you book your flights the better as you will then have a guaranteed seat on the plane!

One final thing you should consider is that as those low cost tickets often do not come with a free meal on the place and will not give you access to a complimentary drinks service, and as the journey to America will of course take many hours, then prepare yourself a packed meal and have some drinks in your hand luggage too.

The cost of buying drinks and beverages or even a snack on those low cost airlines can be quite astronomical! However, by spending some time researching where you want to go and being quite flexible with the countries and airport you will be leaving from and arriving back to there are some enormous savings to be made, much more so if you are travelling with a large group or friends or family members.

You will find that websites such as Sky Scanner can be used to compare the prices charged for flights to and from many different destinations, however always do go direct to the airlines website as there may be some additional savings or special offers available. Signing up to an airlines email newsletter will also see you being offered some additional promotional deals too!

Budget Airlines

Love them or hate them, there is probably going to be a time when you will need to travel on a budget airline, and to be fair there are quite a number of them which fly from most airports in the UK.

When you do want to pay the absolute minimum to get away on a holiday, business trip or just a few days away in a country you have never visited before, then you will possibly be tempted to make use of one of the those budget airlines, and to give you some ideas of what you can expect we have n overview of some of the most popular ones listed below.

Ryanair – You will find that the flights available from Ryanair can be unbelievably cheap, however when you get to the airport expect to have to make a long walk to the departure gate, and also you will find you will also possibly have to take a walk to the plane too or catch a bus airside to your plane!

Ryanair will however charge lot of extras for hold luggage and will also charge over the top for in flight snacks and drinks too.

EasyJet – EasyJet do fly to a lot of places in Europe, they planes are usually on time and much like every other budget airline you are going to be forced to pay a range of extras in addition to the plane ticket itself if you wish to take more than just hand luggage.

However, it is an airline that does get a lot of rave reviews from passengers and as such it may be an airline you are going to like, if you want to keep your travel costs to the minimum.

Thompson – One thing that we have found with Thomson is that the price of their budget tickets does not tend to increase as the day of departure approaches. With that in mind if you are thinking of travelling outside Europe then this is certainly going to be an airline worth checking out.

Unlike most other airlines we have found their in-flight snack service to be much more reasonably priced than other airlines, so you will not find you are paying way over the top for drinks, beverages and snacks.

Jet2 – Another airline you may be interested in using is Jet2, however whilst we do not travel on this airline much, whenever we have done many of their flights were delayed, so maybe not an airline to rely on 100% to get you to your destination on time!

Monarch – One final airline that does fly daily to a range of European destination is Monarch. We have always found their planes to be spotlessly clean and there does seem to be a little more room on their planes which slightly larger seats than most other airlines.

So this is certainly an airline to consider if you want to travel in relative comfort to and from your holiday destination, however their flights are not usually the very cheapest!