Budget Airlines

Love them or hate them, there is probably going to be a time when you will need to travel on a budget airline, and to be fair there are quite a number of them which fly from most airports in the UK.

When you do want to pay the absolute minimum to get away on a holiday, business trip or just a few days away in a country you have never visited before, then you will possibly be tempted to make use of one of the those budget airlines, and to give you some ideas of what you can expect we have n overview of some of the most popular ones listed below.

Ryanair – You will find that the flights available from Ryanair can be unbelievably cheap, however when you get to the airport expect to have to make a long walk to the departure gate, and also you will find you will also possibly have to take a walk to the plane too or catch a bus airside to your plane!

Ryanair will however charge lot of extras for hold luggage and will also charge over the top for in flight snacks and drinks too.

EasyJet – EasyJet do fly to a lot of places in Europe, they planes are usually on time and much like every other budget airline you are going to be forced to pay a range of extras in addition to the plane ticket itself if you wish to take more than just hand luggage.

However, it is an airline that does get a lot of rave reviews from passengers and as such it may be an airline you are going to like, if you want to keep your travel costs to the minimum.

Thompson – One thing that we have found with Thomson is that the price of their budget tickets does not tend to increase as the day of departure approaches. With that in mind if you are thinking of travelling outside Europe then this is certainly going to be an airline worth checking out.

Unlike most other airlines we have found their in-flight snack service to be much more reasonably priced than other airlines, so you will not find you are paying way over the top for drinks, beverages and snacks.

Jet2 – Another airline you may be interested in using is Jet2, however whilst we do not travel on this airline much, whenever we have done many of their flights were delayed, so maybe not an airline to rely on 100% to get you to your destination on time!

Monarch – One final airline that does fly daily to a range of European destination is Monarch. We have always found their planes to be spotlessly clean and there does seem to be a little more room on their planes which slightly larger seats than most other airlines.

So this is certainly an airline to consider if you want to travel in relative comfort to and from your holiday destination, however their flights are not usually the very cheapest!